7 reasons why the Mediterranean is one of the most relaxing destinations

The Mediterranean is well known as a vast sea with incredible waters to bathe in. What is not as well known is that the Mediterranean means so much more, as it represents a way of life that encapsulates everything from an ancient culture and a nearly perfect climate, to a varied gastronomy that is as unique as it is exemplary. These ancient waters also hold host to a rather distinct lifestyle.

As has been said by the writer and travel journalist Javier Reverte: “The Spanish Mediterranean is the best place for relaxation. […] The weather is amazing, there are no pressures, the food and the infrastructure are excellent. And the people: fun and friendly”.

In love with its culture, joy, peace and good weather, Reverte also praises the beaches of the Mediterranean coast and the bare mountain ranges. Having taken inspiration from his writings about the region, in this post we reveal the 7 reasons why the Mediterranean is so relaxing.

  1. A mild climate where the sun shines all the time, and where the winters are nice and the summers are pleasant, with the time in between seasons being incredibly wonderful too.
  2. Its never-ending dream landscape: virgin coves, paradise beaches, lush vegetation and renowned mountain ranges that create, day after day, a setting of the most incredible sunsets.

  1. A rich, ancient culture, it has been built upon since the ancient times of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and the Romans. Ever since then, it has harboured artists and intellectuals of all backgrounds and eras, and now today, it is the epicentre of trends in the world of arts and culture.
  2. An exquisite gastronomy, it is known as the Mediterranean diet for its healthy and balanced dishes. Ingredients like fruits, vegetables, legumes, meats and fresh seafood all play leading roles, and to top it off, they’re served with the best oil in the world: extra virgin olive oil from the island.

  1. The beauty of its most emblematic cities such as Palma de Mallorca, Florence, Barcelona and Santorini, all full of history and filled with magnificence. You can expect to see things like charming villages with blue doors, white walls and cobblestone streets. You’ll also notice how in these places, time feels like it has stood still- for good.

  1. Its graceful and calm inhabitants. They are open-minded, joyful and creative, and always carry a fixed smile. These are some of the most pleasant qualities to discover.
  2. A very unique lifestyle, that together with its slow pace, welcomes you to enjoy from a variety of its offerings: whether having a glass of wine in front of the sea or witnessing the beauty of its many plazas, streets and monuments; sampling some of the best flavours in the world; or seeing a magical sunset from the tranquillity of any one of its beaches.

All in all, the Mediterranean lifestyle is the best way to live and enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life.

Would you like to discover more about this culture? Then take a look at the most relaxing destinations in the Mediterranean to inspire yourself some more with this soothing way of life.

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