Top 7 Mediterranean islands to travel with your friends

We’re well aware that any kind of escape is worth having good company. And if you happen to find the perfect destination, well then, the best of atmospheres and those feelings of a never-ending summer will only multiply. In this post, we fill you in on the best islands in the Mediterranean to travel with your friends, where there is no lack of white sand, surf sessions or historic capitals. You’ll also find just the right amount of body worship and even, this classic mojito at sundown.

– Corsica

Balzac used to say that “Corsica is a French island that is warmed by the Italian sun.” After being on the island for only a few minutes, each visitor will fully understand what he was trying to say. While on an escape to this marvellous island, you’ll find Baroque churches and Italian public squares, as well as a cuisine capable of pleasing the most demanding foodie, what with its Roman, Genovese, Spanish and French cultural influences. On top of all that, its topography offers fascinating routes for trekking, whether through mountains, rivers, lakes, cliffs or beaches. Really, what more can you ask for?

– Mykonos

Spectacular beaches, charming architecture and a fascinating gastronomy are the three facets most representative of Mykonos. And the fourth? Without a doubt, its nightlife, its locales, and all of its beachfront restaurants. Mixed in all that are all of the types of travellers the island attracts, whether they be bohemians, partiers, epicures, cosmopolitan…

– Sicily

The cradle of classic culture, Sicily guards some of the best secrets in the Mediterranean. The noise of its big cities, the looming presence of its palazzi, and the mix of its flavours are just some of the small expressions of its raw charm. In fact, Sicily continues to be an island that is true to itself. As the Italian Capital of Culture in 2018 and a World Heritage site, Palermo is a must-see for any lover of culture. One visit to Etna (the largest active volcano on the Eurasian plate) will have you both feeling in touch with nature and get your adrenaline pumping.

– Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera

Any of the Balearic Islands is guaranteed to have amazing spots and beauty everywhere. Think of dream coves, open-air sports and Mediterranean ambiance. Set a course to Ibiza and enjoy an epic escape amidst red sunsets and wild nightclubs; or hop over to Formentera and take a bike from beach shack to beach shack; savour Menorca by disconnecting in its tranquillity, and take a load off; then dive into Mallorca and discover their cutting-edge artistic-gastronomic culture, where you’ll walk away having had the fullest experience.

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