Location & Comfort

Fil Suites location offers access to an unnumbered list of plans in the city, and is also close to Palma's Court and business district, which makes it the best place for a family holiday, gateway with friends, or a long stay for business in the city.

A professional team and the comfort of a luxury urban suite full of details and design, combined with a personalized service and private parking for guests. Better than a hotel, better than home.

A building with a great story to tell

A hundred-year-old building that once housed the prestigious Majorcan textile factor Ca’n Ribas. The aristocratic essence resides in the beautiful details that have been preserved, thus combining the historical beauty of the building together with quality features of the highest standards. Vaulted ceilings, stone capitals, arches and endless details from different historic periods.it’s FIL Suites is the combination of elements from distinct epochs moved to the current world and converted into a modern and avant-garde design collection with all the luxuries you can imagine to make each stay an unforgettable trip.

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