Holiday stays in Mallorca: a leading-edge concept

Mallorca is one of the most visited islands in the Mediterranean, which is why it has a wide variety of options when it comes to accommodations. You’ll find everything from the most luxurious hotels with exclusive views of the sea and the most upscale ambiance, to the hundreds of private suites in the center of the city, as well as the all-inclusive resorts and their fluorescent wristbands that are in the busiest sections of the island. There are also the lovely rural homes that sit deep in the mountains.   

There are as many unique accommodations as there are types of travellers, so if you still haven’t found something that meets all of your needs, it may well be because you’re looking for something very particular.

In this case, keep reading this post because we’ll explain to you about the leading-edge concept that is taking tourist lodgings in Mallorca by storm. It is inspired by the boutique hotel model, which was a type of accommodation that was created in the 80s and that is characterized by its urban location, elegant design and personalized service.   

An exclusive service and close attention to details

One of their distinguishing features of these types of accommodations is that they serve as an alternative to the big hotel chains, whose offerings are always the same and that sometimes provide a service that is less-than personalized. Little by little, more and more accommodations in Palma offer a unique service, combining the best aspects of both your own home and a luxury hotel, and then adapting them to the wants and needs of the guest so that their stay is served- at all times- with professionalism and personalization.  

In this way, the city of Palma de Mallorca provides an interesting variety of offerings from within the historic centre of the city, offering an experience where each detail is carefully looked after.

Suites where you can feel better than at home

If, on top of the amenities that bring you to stay at a designer hotel that offers personalized care and service, you add the freedom and comfort of feeling as if you’re at home, then you are describing a holiday rental such as what is offered by FIL Suites.

These suites, which are located inside old, historic buildings that are right in the heart of the Sa Gerreria neighborhood, are the ideal place to have a getaway vacation in Mallorca. A place where our guests not only receive a personalized service, but also where they are hosted right in the center of Palma, within a neighborhood that has not lost any of its local charm.