Discover Mallorca, just like a local

The time has come to experience first-hand this emblematic city, located right in the authentic jewel of the Mediterranean. The perfect holidays in Palma de Mallorca mean much more than swimming in crystal blue waters, it’s also: walks through picturesque streets, mountain peaks whose skirts are bathed by the sea, a rich gastronomic culture, art and popular town festivals that leave nobody indifferent.

Everyday, more and more curious people flock to this locality to satisfy their need to immerse into the daily life of the island, its passion for life and all its delights. How to do it? Undoubtedly, packing a suitcase and diving into the adventure to live just like a local right at the heart of the city’s old town. This is the best opportunity to spend your holiday or business long stay living in a luxury suite in Palma de Mallorca. You just found the perfect place to feel at home, like any other Majorcan, right where you should be.

FIL Stays

The suites that shape and bring the FIL Suites experience to life are all unique. Each one has its own individual design, facilities and character, but they all have one thing in common: a preserved and unspoilt Majorcan essence. Additionally, they all boast modern, elegant and practical furniture that make the structural details of the old Ca’n Ribas factory stand out even more. There are 5 types of suites available, each one made specifically with a particular experience and individual in mind. Take a look and discover which one’s your FIL!


FIL Experience

There is nothing better than travelling and getting to know a place as it truly is, living through each city like a local. Like any other resident. Living in a comfortable studio or suite that is perfectly adapted and customized based on the needs of each new occupant. Having little luxury extras at hand that, undoubtedly, elevate your stay and make it much more relaxing. Staying with FIL Suites means enjoying a space specifically designed for a type of traveller within a historic building right in Palma’s old city. An ideal place with exclusive common areas and parking. String together your perfect getaway with FIL Suites and experience Palma’s culture first-hand. On holiday and better than at home.