Sa Gerreria, the heart of Palma

FIL Suites is located in Sa Gerreria, a place that’s currently changing and turning into a vibrant and modern district without losing that pure majorcan essence. Nowadays Sa Gerreria offers a unique experience when it comes to food, leisure and shopping brought to you by such classic establishments as Bar Flexas and Molta Barra, but also by the several restaurants, bakeries and eco shops that have opened their doors during the last few years, which have turned Sa Gerrería into the place to be.

Our "Plaza"

And in the centre of this atmosphere that’s both tradition and modernity sits the plaza of Raimundo Clar, our plaza. The balconies at FIL Suites look over this peaceful and sunny spot that, while keeping that pace that all FIL travellers love, is the hotspot for all those modern businesses that are breathing new life into Sa Gerreria: new restaurants that by offering a new and exciting way of looking at food have already become a staple and, last but certainly not least, one of the neighbourhood’s jewels, Botons, both souvenir shop and hairdressers with unique charm and personality.

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...and everything else, just a walk away from FIL

The FIL Suites atmosphere is surrounded by culture, pure Majorcan essence, historic plazas and small, traditional stores from which one can take a delicious piece of the island with them. Walk a few steps and discover the most symbolic spots of Palma’s old town: Carrer de Sant Miquel, the Plaza Mayor, the majestic Teatro Principal or the spectacular Fundación La Caixa, a modern and characteristic building owned by the Gaudí school. You musn’t forget to visit the Catedral de Palma either, or, of course, the stunning Parc de la Mar. All just 10 minutes away!

Feel FIL in a place that's...



The most authentic Majorcan essence shape our suites, comfortable and with a local taste.


Right in the heart of the city, among the most charming streets in Palma.


The history of the island lives on its walls. Longstanding arches and stone capitals, artworks that dress each one of the suites.


A vanguard style design, comfortable and functional. Better than at home.