The boat tours you can’t miss while on holidays in Mallorca

Travelling to an island allows for an endless list of experiences that would have not been possible otherwise. And one of the sensations that most connects us to the holidays are those moments out at sea.

Charter a boat and navigate along the bay of Mallorca, letting the sea breeze caress your skin as you sunbathe between the waves, or indulge in a paella out at sea after discovering one of the most impressive coastal sea beds in the Mediterranean. Plan a boat trip to the best spots on the Mallorcan island and enjoy a trip with your friends at full sail:

The island of Cabrera

Explore one of the most remarkable coastal landscapes in the Mediterranean and discover the archipelago of Cabrera, one of the most special places to visit on the island. Plan a personalized trip and get the opportunity to appreciate an extraordinary seabed that is unlike any other in the region.


The small islands of Malgrats are a natural paradise of bays and islets. On this archipelago, you can go on a grand excursion snorkeling in the Mediterranean waters, sunbathing on the deck of a boat, or swimming in the crystal-clear waters.

Ride around the island on a llaüt

A llaüt is a traditional vessel of the Balearic Islands, essentially a small boat with a latin-rig that was once used for bottom trawling. Today it’s a symbol of Mallorcan craftsmanship and with an attached motor, travelers can now go on guided tours around the whole island.

The bay of Pollença

The bay of Pollença is perfect for its versatility. Catching a ride on a boat will allow you to see the beautiful area of Sa Fortaleza and the cape of Formentor. Make sure to book the trip in advance, that way you can gaze at the incredible seabed or spend a day on an exhilarating fishing charter.

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