Traveling with friends

Travel with friends, live the experience!

It’s official: on your next vacation it’s time to have that long-awaited trip with friends. Still haven’t decided on a destination? Well you’re in the right place because in this post, we’ll go over the best places to travel with friends and enjoy an incredible vacation in the company of your closest buddies. Good weather, cosmopolitan ambiance, exquisite gastronomy, cultural possibilities and stupendous conditions for doing sports are just some of the criterias we kept in mind when making our selections. Look for your most inspiring playlist and get ready to start your trip…


This Mediterranean island is, undoubtedly, the king of destinations for traveling with friends: sunsets with a mojito in hand, trekkings through beautiful wilderness, heavenly coves with quaint beach shacks, nights that last forever… What else can we tell you? Ibiza is known worldwide for its opportunities and for its carpe diem atmosphere, providing you with an experience that, at the very minimum, you should live at least once in your life.



This country offers a large variety of things to do as a group. Take the opportunity to go on a roadtrip and visit some of the country’s most trademark cities like Porto, Lisbon and Faro, the perfect route to take it easy, get good cultural exposure, be in a comfortable bohemian atmosphere, and eat from a delicious cuisine (not to mention the wine…) If you finish the trip in Algarve, there’ll be plenty of good waves for those who dare to surf them.



The capital of Holland is the perfect city for a getaway with friends. Except for not having enviable weather, it has everything else: an underground culture, all kinds of premium beer, music festivals, and really interesting museums that deserve a visit. Go beyond the classic photo op with the letters “I Am Amsterdam” and check out, of course, the signature coffee shops, an essential stop to complete the experience.



It’s exoticism, it’s catering towards tourism and, probably, the influence of certain American films have made this area in Southeast Asia into an almost mainstream destination for traveling with friends. It’s almost certain that you’ll have a good time in Thailand, as you’ll indulge yourself in a kind of nature you’ve never seen before and, although you’re on the other side of the world, you’ll find plenty of activities geared towards your tastes. The down side? You might feel that the most touristic areas have lost their charm, or it might bug you seeing how much westernization has overtaken this destination.



Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands and like her smaller sister island, Ibiza, it is an idyllic place to have a marvellous time, where there are endless coves of white sand and plenty of hiking routes up in the mountains. Mind you, the offerings presented by Mallorca cover an area that is much more interesting. You can explore the historic district of the capital and bask in the cosmopolitan culture of Palma, or take a small road trip through the most picturesque villages of the island, get awed by the landscape from the lookout points in the North, trek across- with canteen in hand- the majestic mountains of the Sierra de la Tramuntana, go scuba diving (amongst the many other aquatic activities) in the crystal-clear waters of the island, or indulge in the island’s tasty cuisine. In addition, the Mallorcan island is a bicycle-friendly destination, making it so that your bicycle can be your best partner on an excursion.



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